Icardi’s Issue:What Is Wrong?

Maxi refuses to shake hands with Icardi

Maxi refuses to shake hands with Icardi Mauro Icardi and wife/agent Wanda Nara have a lot of controversies. Icardi steals Nara from Lopez Wanda Nara was married to Maxi Lopez teammate to Icardi at Sampdoria and fellow Argentine. After the news transpired Icardi came out with Nara each having the other’s tattoo and Icardi blamed his senior of neglecting his Children. Mauro was later bought by Inter and that is when the match between Inter and Sampdoria was named the Wanda derby because Icardi was versing Maxi. Blame Game Maxi Lopez blamed them of an affair and this is when they separated and Mauro married Wanda Nara and Nara blamed Maxi of extra marital affairs. The incident developed a lot of hatred for Icardi in Argentina and Maradona has never hid