Ronaldo and Messi Who Is More Selfish?

Is Ronaldo more selfish than Messi?
Ronaldo and Messi are both selfish on the pitch
Ronaldo and Messi are both selfish on the pitch

 There are many battles between Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi today I want to brief you about who is more selfish between the two.

All of them are selfish as they are the best but one has to be better than the other.

How Messi and Ronaldo have voted in FIFA awards.

two of Football's greatest Messi and Ronaldo
two of Football’s greatest Messi and Ronaldo

Both of them have been captains for their respective Countries since at least 2010 and they have been voting for the FIFA Ballon d’Or.

 According to the Portuguese superstar his Argentine counterpart has never deserved to be on the top three shortlist as he has never voted for him.

On the other hand however, Lionel Messi has voted for Cristiano Ronaldo as one of the top three footballers.

In 2018 the Argentine captain voted as follows 1. Luka Modric, 2. Kylian Mbappe and 3. Cristiano Ronaldo.

2019 the Blaugrana captain voted for (1) Sadio Mane (2nd) Cristiano Ronaldo and (3rd) Frenkie de Jong.

Who has more assists?

Assisting others to score is another sign of not being self centered because you give the others the opportunity to score when you would have scored.

They have won more than 10 best football awards between them
They have won more than 10 best football awards between them

In all their careers Cristiano Ronaldo has 219 out of 969 matches and Messi has 272 assists from 825 matches.

Breaking people’s hearts is an act of selfishness

Unlike Messi who married his childhood friend Antonella Locuzo, Ronaldo has never married despite having four kids.

He has had affairs with more than ten Women and ended up breaking their hearts we hope he sticks to Geo.

Messi and Ronaldo rivarly
Messi and Ronaldo rivarly

I can’t base on charity to determine one’s selfishness because it does not touch him directly.

Not being selfish is surrendering what would have been yours like an assist for a goal.

Ronaldo disappears when he doesn’t expect to win

Whenever he is not sure of winning the prestigious award, CR7 does not grace the Event.

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